Different Levels Of Awareness

Different Levels of Awareness 

Because a person’s status or position varies, a security program will be perceived differently.

Awareness is targeted on 5 key groups of people having different characteristics.

1.   Executive Management

  • Consists of CEO, COO and other Senior Managers
  • Usually risk decision-makers; hence require being aware of Security Programs.
  •  Response to Security programs in terms of measurable benefits (profit, return on investment, return on equity, earnings per share etc) to the enterprise

2.   Middle Management

  • Have different view of Security programs from Executives

  • Concern with their departmental goals.  If Security Programs creates counterproductive demands on their operations, they may display disapproving attitude.

  •  Threatening to punish them for any non-compliance is rarely effective as these people are expected to exercise creative judgment and display innovative independence.

3.   First-Line Supervision

  • Concern with a limited activity.  If Security Programs creates counterproductive demands on their activities, they may display disapproving attitude.
  • Usually receives initial complaints in connection with a Security Program.  Frequent complaints may lead to an adverse reaction by the supervisor.

4.   Individual Employee

  • Usually the only exposure they get to the Security Program is through the New Employee Orientation.
  • Short briefing on Security Program may project the impression that Security is unimportant.
  • A Security Program with poor acceptance by the executive management cannot achieve good acceptance among the workers.

5.   Non-Employee

  • Consists of vendors, suppliers, customers, service personnel, visitors etc
  • Their general impression can result from a single contact with its security program.

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Security Awareness ≠ Education & Training

In a nutshell

  • Awareness seeks to solicit conscious attention
  • Education seeks to impart generalised kwowledge
  • Training seeks to develop specific skills

Awareness can result from and enhance both Education and Training.

What is Security Awareness ?

  • It is a State of Mind
  • When you are conscious of existing Security Program and its relevance to your behavior, as well as the effect of your behavior on mitigating Security Risk.

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